Parents Page

All the websites included on LOLA were working and online at this time of writing. However, as companies sometimes adjust their website addresses so some of the links may stop working. Please contact me if you find missing links and I will endeavour to correct them.

Using the Internet safely: Our Schools Internet service provider , the SWGFL, has an excellent resource for you as parents. It offers good advice, as well as links to other related sites . Click on the links below to access their websites . SWGFL for parents BBC webwise for parents A guide showing you how to use the Internet

USEFUL SAFETY TIPS (for children)

We use the Internet with adult permission.

We immediately tell a trusted adult if we see anything

that makes us uncomfortable.

We are always polite and friendly when we talk to friends

on the Internet (chat, messaging or email).

We always make sure a trusted adult knows about the

people we talk to on the Internet.

We never arrange to actually meet people

or ‘friends’ we don‘t know.

We keep information about ourselves safe and

don’t share it on the Internet.

We check information we find on the Internet is reliable.

This link will take you to a video page where we hope you will find our guidance useful.